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One of the most complex and fascinating symbols in sacred geometry, the Vector Equilibrium represents energy forces in a state of perfect balance. Each line in the symbol is the same length and angle, creating absolute stillness. It is believed that it is from this stillness, or nothingness, that all energy and life emerges.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver

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carved beautifully, and made well, built to last! the band is thick with carvings all underneath it, it looks amazing!

Jamie L Jones
Equilibrium is universal

I wasn’t quite finished with my review so I just sounded weird but I was saying that I love this hefty detailed ring the band is thick and has even more detail than the main design. It’s reminder to me is that I have to forgive those for their hate and I have learned to forgive those who have been my persecution of failing to fit into the mold that my journey passed by and with the quality of knowledge, Equilibrium shows us what we already are and how to love and embrace that before you destroy yourself on something that has nothing to do with you, other than it’s a reflection of what you are not willing to be. I love that I can wear my reminder. I love that I can never be compromised and I know that I truly appreciate the power I was born with..XOXOX

Equilibrium from the universe, I have witchcraft on my Lipsq

I have had a lot of amazing jewelry in my long tattoo career and I have always loved the thought of sacred geometry as an adornment with rings and other jewelry and I have never seen a ring as detailed in the main design but along the hefty band that makes me remember that I have a huge responsibility and I’m so grateful for my journey. I learned to love when theirs was hateful and I learned how to forgive myself for not being perfect in the eyes of others I learned to

Ashley Pierce
The best!

I love every piece I have ordered! This ring fits well, is substantial, and beautiful!

Nicole Elstner
LOVE this ring

This is a super cool ring.
Definitely a statement piece of high quality,
I simply adore this ring