Good Medicine

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Often mistakenly used as a symbol of medicine, the caduceus—two snakes wrapped around a winged staff—has a storied history in Greek mythology. The staff was carried by the god Hermes, and was most often associated with trade, liars and thieves. However, through a series of mixups in the 19th century, the caduceus became confused with the Rod of Asclepius—the true symbol of medicine in ancient times.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver pendant and rose clasp on a 50cm (20") stainless steel woven chain. Can be lengthened by up to 5cm using sizing rings.

Customer Reviews

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Aida Hierro
I love it <3

Good Medicine has become my fav necklace, it's so damn beautiful and goes well with every outfit

madelline Crack
Beautiful piece

A very beautiful piece of jewellery. I love it..

Xin Yun Tan
Very lucky

I’ve been wearing it after enchanting it for more sales and it did bring lots of swift sales luck!

Treva Heringer

Love it!! One of my favourites necklaces to wear.