The Devil

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The Devil is the 15th tarot card in the Major Arcana, and depicts the devil in the goat-like form of Baphomet. This card suggests that you may be seduced by material and physical pleasures, ultimately ending up trapped by an overabundance of luxury. Come to think of it, that doesn't sound half bad.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver

Customer Reviews

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Kayla Gibson
I love it so much!!!!

This has got to be my favorite piece right now. It has a good weight to it and very detailed. It looks a lot better than the picture.

Jorge Sanchez
Love it

The details are gorgeous

samaria brown
My husband loves it

I bought this as a gift for my husband and he was so excited. The ring looks beautiful in person.

Amanda C
Great even for petite hands

I was a little worried this would look bulky on me since I have small hands (size 5), but I’m really pleased with the size.
This ring has beautiful detailing just like all of the other pieces I’ve gotten from EtahLove. It’s a really unique piece, LOVE it!
The horns MAY snag, so be mindful of which direction you have them pointing.

Rebekah G.
another winner from Etah Love

I now have nine rings from EL that i wear every single day, and this one may be my favorite. it’s heavy, but not too heavy. the details are amazing. and the design makes me feel like a total bad *ss! love love love