The Hermit

$120 USD
The Hermit is the ninth tarot card in the Major Arcana, and features an old man holding a glowing lantern. This card suggests that you are in a phase of introspection, focusing your attention inwards and looking for answers from within. Might as well lock the door and draw the blinds—everyone outside is annoying, anyways.

Handcrafted sterling silver pendant and clasp hardware on a 50cm x 2.4mm stainless steel woven chain. Can be lengthened by up to 5cm using sizing rings.

Customer Reviews

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Excellently Detailed owl necklace

I bought this as a gift and she loves to wear it everyday. As with every ETAH x LOVE piece, it is more beautiful in person and the longer you look at it the more deeply gorgeous it becomes. This necklace is the perfect balance of being sturdy while upholding a delicate appearance.

Brittany Waters

i love owls and tarot so this one was perfect for me. its smaller then the other charms ive gotten from Etah but i dont mind that. Love the piece and the detail.

Handsome guy 🦉

I love this necklace. I bought it because I’m drawn to owls- and I really like the design of this one. Great detail- he’s a perfect size. Not too big. He looks good alone or with other pieces. My Etah Love collection is growing. Love everything

Kari Savelli
Hermit Necklace

Beautiful necklace! It has become one of my regular pieces to wear! I am sure I will be ordering more from Etah Love :)

Paris Roberts
beautiful necklace

I had bought a necklace on here before and was amazed by the quality. i saw this cute little owl and i knew i had to get it I'm in love with all the little details on it. if u know anyone who is a sterling silver lover and alterative jewelry this is the website for you. the packaging was so nicely put together.