All Seeing x Bailey Sarian

$120 USD

Designed in collaboration with Bailey Sarian, the makeup artist and host of Murder, Mystery and Makeup, the All Seeing takes the shape of a ouija planchette. Featuring an inlaid turquoise stone surrounded by symbols of divination—including the All Seeing Eye—this pendant may just offer you a glimpse of what lies ahead.

See the matching ring here.

Handcrafted sterling silver pendant and clasp hardware on a 50cm x 2mm stainless steel woven chain. Can be lengthened by up to 5cm using sizing rings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
LaRae Bruner

This necklace is gorgeous and so well made.

Jennifer Logan
Must have!

One of my favorites it goes with my diamond necklace and really everything else. I get lots of compliments on it ❤️❤️❤️

Ashely Thompson
Suspish 🌻

I saw a video of Bailey about her collabs and had to take a look and I was shook I had to order. I’m obsessed I wear it every day and can’t wait to see what else etah and Bailey come up with!!!

Jessica Fenstamaker
Beautiful & well worth the money

This necklace is PERFECT. It’s somehow even more gorgeous in person! I’d heard of EtahLove before, but when Bailey Sarian announced this collaboration, I knew I had to buy it, not only to show support for Bailey, but because I’d been dying to try EtahLove’s jewelry anyway, and this necklace was right up my alley. It was worth every penny!

I love this entire necklace, not just the gorgeous, well-made, high-quality pendant itself (I love Ouija planchettes, and the small details on this pendant make it so incredibly special and different from others out there), but even the clasp on the chain has detail put into it to make it look like a small rose, and you can adjust the length of the chain too, which is amazing. The details are just so beautiful and intricate.

And on a practicality note, the clasp on this necklace is WAY easier to hook than most necklace clasps (carpel tunnel isn’t usually jewelry/clasp-friendly), I don’t struggle with it at all, which is rare for me anymore, and I’m allergic to almost all metals used in jewelry, but I can actually wear this necklace EVERY day and not have any problems at all!

Overall, this necklace is incredible and I’m so, so glad I bought it! I’ll definitely be buying more EtahLove jewelry in the very near future!

Kirsten Lea

This is my favorite necklace!