Second Sight Tarot Cards

$30 USD

The Second Sight tarot collection offers a haunting spin on all twenty-two Major Arcana cards. Drawn in the macabre tattooing style of artist Sofa Oblina, each card features a world of occult symbols to be used in divination, fortune telling, or any other mystic undertaking you may endeavour. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Logan Derrick
Worth picking up

Awesome packaging and beautiful art. These were a hit as a gift.

Jenn P R
I love these

As a collector of Tarot Decks, this is a great addition and I've been using them a lot recently. Love the art on them, thinking of gifting a set to my bestie

Carolyn Brennan
I foresee a beautiful future with these cards.

I adore Sofa Oblina's art. These cards will be on full display. Perfect.

Anthony Goyette Deland
Hot n Dark!

Awesome work! Very well made and good quality! The graphics and drawings are incredible! No need to use it for what its made, its a piece of art that you can make what you want with! Good job on this one! Can be nice to have the minor arcana set too!

Tracy Boeckner
Beautiful Art

The cards are lovely, and will make a beautiful display. I will use them as art, rather than for readings, since they are not a full deck.