The Tower

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The Tower is the 16th tarot card in the Major Arcana, and depicts a tower being struck by lightning and catching ablaze. This card suggests that destruction and upheaval is lurking around the corner, and with it will come massive change. No time to wait for Prince Charming, we'll just take the stairs.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver

Customer Reviews

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Nice bracelet

Finally, a bracelet the doesn't give me blisters from cheap metal. Just snug enough that it doesn't catch on anything, but loose enough I don't feel like I'll snap it if I flex.

Delicate and well made, but surprising sturdy!

I was on the fence when I got this as the bracelet is more delicate than I thought - but man is it well made! Charm bracelets rarely survive me and we are still going strong. This has quickly become a daily wear item. I have been super impressed with etah love and their brother company C&C (I love the men’s line even as a woman!) and their customer service. You won’t find nicer items and better service anywhere!

Jennifer Kaufler
Great charm Bracelets!!!

Really high quality, sturdy (I can break anything) and these have survived me. The latest addition to my collection is The Tower (I have other three charm bracelets from Ethan Love, all beautiful. Oh, they’re great if you do need to return something(wrong size) and have really fast shipping.

Kristy Carraway
great detailed bracelet

The Tower bracelet is beautiful. I love the small, detailed charms. It's unique and an everyday piece for me. Etah Love is the best, I highly recommend. Great customer service always, on top of beautiful pieces :)

Simple and powerfully elegant

I fell in love with this piece at first sight and I'm so happy with my purchase. I wear it all the time and people always want to know where it so from.