The Wheel of Fortune

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The Wheel of Fortune is the tenth tarot card in the Major Arcana, and represents the always-turning the wheel of life, suggesting that we are in a constant state of change. Represented here by the book and sphinx featured on the card, which imply intelligence and self-understanding, this ring is a reminder that what goes around always comes back around.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver

Customer Reviews

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John Hawkin
She loves it!

Got this for my wife. She absolutely loves it! It was a great gift :)

Lauren R

This was a gift for my best friend that just got her first professional librarian job! It’s perfect for her and I hope it will guide her. Thanks for a beautiful piece!

Christina Williams

I’ve always had the problem of having fingers too tiny for any jewelry in stores, and designs that I would see in a typical retail setting weren’t “weird” or “unique” enough for me. Not only do these rings actually FIT me (and comes w a handy dandy measuring tool for the future), but it’s high quality, beautiful and durable and doesn’t cut through my gloves in the lab. Cant wait for my next one!

Rebekah G.
another winner

this was my ninth purchase from Etah Love and let me tell you- i have NEVER been disappointed. this ring has such amazing detail and i’ve already gotten lots of compliments. my only complaint is that i’m running out of fingers!!


This is one of my favorite Etah Love piece's. I am a huge book worm so it really brightens my day. Also huge fan of Tarot so I love that it’s the wheel of furtune.